Yale Digital Lock Review

Yale Digital Lock Review

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Worried about forgetting your keys? This particular Yale digital lock means that you’ll never need to be concerned about getting locked out ever again. Installing this ultra-secure modern lock (and removing your old one) will turn your doorway into a safer and easier entrance into your home. It’s also an excellent option for anyone who wishes to run an Air BnB and give codes and cards to guests for security.

Introducing the Yale Digital Lock

The lock can be connected with a key card, key tag, remote fob and Smartphone app, giving you a range of options and allowing you to pick whichever is easiest for you. The product comes with one key card and one tag. Multiple tenants can have multiple options; there is no fixed choice.

However, for the most secure option, a pin code is best. This way, nobody can steal any kind of access to your home and you’ll never need to worry about misplacing something. The pad is touch-sensitive too – and backlit – so is incredibly simple to use at any time of day.

Yale Keyless Connected Door Lock - Chrome - No Key Needed, Lock/Unlock with PIN Code, Key Tag, Key Fob, Key Card, Phone Tag, Compatible with 60 mm Nightlatch
  • KEYLESS ENTRY: Forget about losing your keys once and for all. This Smart Lock gives you the freedom to secure your home without the need for a key.
  • EASY ACCESS: Access your home using a PIN code, key card, key tag, remote fob or Smartphone app (when using the Yale Access Module and Yale Home app).
  • EASY TO USE: The keypad is illuminated so you can see the digits clearly and features a thumbturn for accessibility.
  • TEMPORARY ACCESS: Set 24hr pin codes or set up to 20 unique PIN codes for visitors.
  • SECURITY AS STANDARD: Features an 80dB internal tamper alarm with bank level encryption, as well as incorrect pin code feature for greater security (the lock will disable access for 1 minute after 3 incorrect attempts).


Furthermore, the lock is tamper-proof. This means that if someone tries to force the lock, or tries to move it without unlocking it, the lock will sound an alarm. This adds yet another level of security to your home, on top of its bank-level encryption – the lock is something that cannot be bypassed. However, it does have incorrect pin code features, so you don’t need to worry about slipping up on the pin code, or entering it incorrectly. There’s also a One-Day code feature that auto deletes after 24-hrs, plus 20 User Memory Storage Slots, so multiple codes can be used, meaning this lock can be used for businesses and other establishments.

How does it work?

The lock is suitable for a 60mm nightlatch, and works as a replacement to your old lock, in that it will slot into the same place. Therefore, as long as the door is suitable, the lock replacement should be quick and easy. It comes with specific instructions on how to install it yourself, and even comes with a piece of cardboard lined with all the measurements that you’ll need. Combined with a video on Amazon, the instructions could not be clearer. 

Battery Powered – Remember to Replace the Batteries

Batteries are required to power the lock, which fit into a small battery pack on the inside (batteries are conveniently included in the product). This powers the lock – for features such as the lights and sounds, and requires four AA batteries. In the instance that the batteries will run out, the lock is fitted with a 9v backup power supply, meaning that you won’t get locked out for a lack of batteries! It will sound an alert too when the batteries are low, so you’ll have plenty of time to replace them.

Colours Available

This particular Yale digital lock comes in three colours, so you can pick the colour scheme that fits your home – Chrome, Polished Brass, or Satin Nickel. A sleek, modern look is the appeal here, and it’s compact too, exuding a minimalist theme. This isn’t a bulky lock that will stick out on your door; it is designed to fit into and adapt to your home.

Smart Home System

Perhaps most impressive about this lock is it can be linked to a smart home system. Using a smartphone, you can set it up so you can unlock your door using a secure app. Remarkably, you can do this from anywhere in the world, and even send the ‘key’ to others, so that they can unlock it. This gives you total control over who can enter your home, and make sure you know exactly who has access. You can give people immediate access in a difficult situation, such as if you are not home. Getting locked out is a thing of the past. This can be set up with the Z Wave:

Yale SD-M1100, Smart Door Lock Z-Wave Module 2, App Control, Visibility On User Identity, Compatible Conexis L1 and Keyless Connected, Smart Home Automation, DIY Friendly, Blue
  • Z-Wave Module 2 - Connects your Yale Smart Door Lock To Your Samsung Smartthings Or Yale Smart Home Hub
  • Control Via Smartphone - Unlock your door remotely when connected to compatible Z-Wave home automation systems
  • Secure Encryption - Z-Wave module has been upgraded to best in class S2 security rating.
  • Keyless Control - Gives you the freedom to secure your home remotely anywhere in the world
  • Manage Users - Scheduled access periods for your virtual keys perfect for grating access to your cleaner, Gardner or dog walker


Pricewise this lock is affordable and is designed for the everyday homeowner. It is designed to remove the hassle and worry about locks, both in ensuring the security of your home, and removing any worry about unwarranted access to your home. Multiple options for entry make this lock versatile; useful for businesses and family homes equally.

Alternative Product – Yale SD-L1000-SN

Consider the Yale SD-L1000-SN Conexis L1 as an alternate option, with no pin pad option, but tags, cards and smartphones an option. The slimmer design may also fit more appropriately on your door.

Yale SD-L1000-SN Conexis L1 Smart Keyless Door Handle For Home Security, Remote Lock/Unlock, App Control, Key Card and Phone Tag Included, Satin Nickel finish [BSI Approved]
  • KEYLESS - Gives you the freedom to secure your home without the need for a Key.
  • SIMPLE TO FIT - Suitable for most PVC and composite doors, only a screwdriver required.
  • BSI APPROVED - The world first BSI approved smart lock.
  • SECURITY AS STANDARD - Built in tamper alarm, bank level encryption and incorrect pin code features.
  • BATTERY POWERED - 4x AA batteries Included and an Alert given when the batteries are running low.

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