Nooie baby Monitor Review

This is a review of the Nooie baby monitor. I will give you my thoughts about this product and let you know if it is worth your money. First things first, we ordered our Nooie Baby Monitor from their website directly.

The Nooie Baby Monitor is manufactured by:

Nooie, LLC

1612 North Loop Rd. Suite B-500

Minneapolis, MN 55427 ( U.S.A )

I believe the company was created in 2010 but there is not much information available online about this company or their baby monitor yet. I have made an effort to reach out to their customer service department but they seem to be a little limited in communication yet.

Even though the company is not overly communicative just by checking out their Amazon profile we can see that Nooie has many good reviews on their monitors and has been selling these products for quite some time now. It appears that they are a good company and all of the reviews seem to be positive with many people enjoying their product after using it.

The Nooie Baby Monitor is currently being sold on Amazon for $499.99 USD right now, this is not unreasonable considering most baby monitors cost between $200-$500 depending on which one you buy but if you consider the features that Nooie is offering with this monitor than it seems to be a good deal.

Nooie baby monitor Review – Features

This monitor has some amazing features such as:

  • 720P HD (High Definition) camera
  • Can work from up to 500 meters (Upto 10,000 ft) away with no problems which means it can work through walls without a problem.
  • The monitor itself is portable and can be used on the go with its very own battery which charges through USB. (USB cord that charges it is included)
  • View up to 4 cameras at once! This baby monitor supports multiple viewing angles which enables you to view your child from different rooms or positions of their room.
  • Has a very nice nighttime viewing ability, thanks to its infrared lights.
  • Can be used as just a monitor with no camera but still has many other features. (Smartphone support) I will go into detail about everything later on in this review so please read until the end!

You can purchase from Amazon here:

You can also get it from their website here:!order/c22gk

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