Orskey Dash Cam Review

Orskey Dash Cam Review

The first time I found out about the Orskey dash cam was when a colleague at work showed me his camera he bought prior to mine. All I saw him doing is just putting the memory card into his computer and everything else was done automatically for him after that. He never had to touch the camera and it was really simple. He said he was very happy with his purchase and that he would definitely recommend it to me as well [if I decided to get one].

My experience with the Orskey dash cam

I did not realize how useful they were until I started driving on the highway more frequently and there are a lot of crazy drivers out there these days. So, after a month or two of thinking about it, I decided to gift myself with the Orskey dash cam.

The packaging and build quality was really nice given that this is a $50 camera. It has a stylish design that looks classy and professional in my opinion. The picture quality is pretty good too but it could be better in low light scenes.

It is really easy to connect the camera to your fuse box in your car and it does not require power all the time. It turns on when you start your car and records for roughly 8 minutes after which it switches off automatically. This helps save a lot of battery life as well.

The 8GB memory card that came with my camera had a lifespan of 2 months. For $50 I think it is a good deal. I just got the memory card from SanDisk and it works flawlessly with this camera.

I have noticed that if you are driving at 70-72 MPH on the highway, then the video gets all blurry from time to time although it could be my windshield. So, I would not recommend this to anyone who is frequently driving fast on the highway.

I am pretty happy with my purchase because it was a really good deal and does not cost me that much either. 

For $50 you get a very well made dash cam that records quality video in day light and decent one at night too.

I would definitely recommend you to get this camera if you are looking for something more affordable rather than investing $300-500 on a high end unit.

You can check out the Orskey dash cam here!

Pros and Cons of purchasing the Orskey Dash Cam


Price – It is very cheap compared to other dash cams out there.

Picture quality – Pretty good even in low light scenes although it could be better.

Simple installation and setup process – The camera comes with a simple instruction manual that explains everything on how to get started. Anyone can do this easily without any prior knowledge of setting up dash cameras or anything else for that matter. CONS: Battery life – It could last longer given the price. My camera’s battery failed after 2 months of use although it is still under warranty.

Recording whilst parked – The camera does not record when I am parked at place unless it detects motion. This is a pretty big deal for me because I have this habit of leaving my car doors open sometimes and the camera does not record these incidents.


For $50 I think the Orskey dash cam is a good investment because it has a solid build quality, decent picture and video quality and it does its job properly. It is not made for people who are going to make crazy maneuvers on the highway since the video becomes really blurry when you drive above 70mph.

I would recommend this camera to anyone who is on a budget and looking for an affordable dash cam that still gets the job done well. If you do not mind spending $100 or more then I would highly recommend you to check out other cameras as well since they have better reviews on YouTube, Amazon etc.

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