Littlelf Camera Review

Littlelf Camera Review

Welcome to today’s blog – our Littlelf Camera Review. The Little LF was designed to be more of a module than its predecessor the RaspberryPi Camera Module V1 (NoIR). The V1 camera connects directly to a Raspberry Pi board, with the correct connectors soldered on. This makes it very convenient if you have a RaspberryPi set-up that you cannot change.

The LittleLF module is designed to fit into any 35 mm film canister (the same type of plastic container used by professional photographers to carry photo films for the likes of Nikon, Canon & Leica). It has been released with two main camera versions, the “LittleLF” holding a 8MP CMOS sensor (with 1080p video) and the LittlLF-R3 PiNoir module.

The Little LF is slightly smaller than its predecessor, the Raspberry Pi camera module and is designed to be more of a modular unit, that can be attached to a PCB mount or directly into a 35mm film container (most commonly used by professional photographers). It features a cap with an M12 lens thread size for attaching different lenses. The LittleLF also has a narrower opening for providing wider angles on the Pi NoIR camera module (which has no lens). Because it is less than a millimeter smaller all canisters that will fit the Raspberry Pi Camera Module v1.3, will also fit the LittleLF camera correctly.

The LittleLF is composite device that combines: a high-quality 8 MPixel CMOS sensor, a high speed DSP video image signal processor, an advanced 3D digital noise reduction engine, a powerful ISP (Image Signal Processor) and a high-speed USB2.0 device which enables direct camera access in your application. The LittleLF module includes on-board flash memory of 2GB or 4GB which can allow you to store up to 10 hours of video. The camera is designed for photo and video use, as well as when high resolution image processing is required.

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