Hive Heating Thermostat Review

Hive Heating Thermostat Review

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A bestseller in thermostats, this Hive Active Heating and hot water thermostat ticks all the boxes. A sleek exterior, but with a classic design, this thermostat is an attractive accessory in the home that looks new, but exactly where it’s meant to be. This product is the cutting edge of home heating, combining with an app on your smartphone, and allowing you to get the most efficient use out of your heating bill.

We use it at home to warm the house up just before we get back from a long day at work. We also use one in the Air BnB that we manage because it allows us to turn the heating up for our guests if they need it, and allows us to cap the temperature.

The great news is that it’s currently available on Amazon as a Black Friday Deal and so there’s no better time to invest in Hive.

Hive Active Heating and Hot Water Thermostat 

A classic dial sits in the middle of this product, meaning you can smoothly alter the temperature of your home – no more straining trying to turn stiff dials. This thermostat also has a backlit screen, meaning that you can read it even in the middle of the night. A date also adds convenience to your life, and helps you keep track of temperatures in relation to time.

Hive Active Heating Thermostat Without Professional Installation - Works with Amazon Alexa
  • Heating Boost - For up to six hours
  • Heating Schedules - Set up to 6 daily time slots
  • Automatic Frost Protection - Helps prevent frozen pipes
  • Holiday Mode - Tell Hive your holiday dates and come back to a warm home
  • Temperature Graphs - Keep track of how you're using your heating

On the left of the device, there is a ‘Target’ reading and an ‘Actual’ reading, meaning that you can always determine the real temperature of the room, and gauge how much you need to increase the temperature by. Gone are the days of increasing the heating too much to compensate a bit of cold, or vice versa – now you can increase the temperature by the exact amount that you need to. A dial means that you can set the temperature manually, or you can use your smartphone, whichever you prefer.

To use it remotely, you will need to set it up online or on a mobile device. This product comes with a Hive Hub, which when paired with the online dashboard or app will mean that you can control your heating and hot water from a mobile device or laptop, anywhere. The Hive app is perfect for those on a busy schedule. It will send you a reminder before you return home, telling you exactly when needed, or even set to a specific time for when you get in. You can set up to six daily time slots for the heating to come on, so you can control when the heating turns on and for exactly how long. With so many timeslots, this means you can create a perfectly tailored heating schedule, and not waste a moment of warmth. 

It is estimated that you could save up to £130 per annum with these features, meaning that the device almost pays for itself within a year. Hive can even be set to know your holiday dates, and turn off for that time to ensure that you save money. It will even automatically begin to heat your pipes if the temperature drops below 7°C with the special Frost Protection feature – absolutely ideal for those going away for Christmas.

Another feature is the Heating Boost setting, which can greatly increase the temperature of your home in a short space of time. On the top right is a button, which when pressed will rapidly increase the heating – this is perfect for an instance where you might have forgotten to put the heating on, and need warmth immediately. On the top left is another option, the Water Boost, which has the same effect for the hot water. This means that while the Hive Active Heating and hot water thermostat is perfect for planning your heating and hot water, it will also be there for you when you forget!

Installation can be taken upon yourself, and a video on Amazon will clearly explain how to replace your existing thermostat with your new Hive Thermostat. However, if electronics and technology are not your thing, then you can order your Hive Active Heating and hot water thermostat with installation in Amazon. This is what we did and it was an excellent easy option!

Hive comes with three components, which will be the thermostat (fixed onto the wall, and replacing your old thermostat), the receiver (which is fitted by the boiler in order to control it), and the Hive Hub, which is situated by the router. 

You can also order a Heating option, a Heating and Hot Water option, or just as an extra thermostat; there are no restrictions as to what you can use this thermostat for.

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