My Theatre Wearable Speaker Review

My Theatre Wearable Speaker Review

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This My Theater Wearable Speaker is an excellent choice for an alternative to a speaker or set of headphones. In fact, the product itself is exactly that; a kind of hybrid between the two – known as a Neckband speaker.

My Theatre Wearable Speaker Design

The sleek design is like a kind of C-shaped bracket, that sits comfortably around the base of the neck, with the speakers aligned upwards towards your head. Therefore, when audio is played through the speaker, it is at a perfect distance to hear clearly and comfortably, but not to be too much of a disturbance to those around you.

My Theatre Wearable Speaker Review

Everything is neatly fixed into the speaker itself, including all the buttons. The design is perfectly smooth, and the buttons are barely raised, so from a distance it just looks like one surface. On the left arm of the device is the Play/Pause button at the end, which is made easily accessible as arguably this is the most important button. On the underside of this is the Jog button, which controls the volume, as well as the skip function and the vibration setting; so you can adjust whether the device vibrates or not. 

On the right arm is the Power button, and on the end of the arm is the call button. Pressing this allows you to answer a call, and being on the opposite side to the Play/Pause button means that you’ll never confuse them, or accidentally press one instead of the other. They are also distinguished by an embossed silver button, and a clear recognisable symbol for either. There being only four control buttons in total means that this device is extremely easy to use, and will take no time at all to learn how to operate.

My Theatre Wearable Speaker Quality

The device boasts premium sound quality, and this wearable speaker will mean that you can transport quality wherever you go. Weighing just 1.37 lbs, this device is easily transportable and will sit comfortably around your neck so that you won’t even notice that it’s there. The low weight and simplicity of the design also mean that it is easily portable, and will fit anywhere, even in some large coat pockets.

Charging and Bluetooth

To charge the device, there is a small cover situated underneath the power switch on the left arm of the speaker. Open the port and plug in the mini-USB charger which comes with the device. You can also use a regular phone charger for this speaker, so if you are travelling, or perhaps only have one socket to hand, you can charge your wearable speaker with ease. The device is also connectable via Bluetooth, so you can choose anything that is compatible to connect to.

This wearable speaker can be used for a variety of different activities. The music function means that you can use this to listen to music without having to use earbuds, which some people find uncomfortable, and can also be unhygienic (if the earbuds are not cleaned, or you are sharing them with another person). It can also be used for TV and film, which can create a fantastic immersive experience in your own home – and say if the volume is an issue, such as with small children or neighbours, you can enjoy surround sound without disturbing anyone.

One fantastic perk of this speaker is that you can obtain intimate and immerse sound, but without cutting yourself off from the sounds of the outdoors. If you are running, or perhaps walking through a busy area, then headphones or earbuds (particularly with noise-cancelling technology) can be dangerous, as you might not hear oncoming traffic or pedestrians. But with the My Theater wearable speaker, you’ll be able to hear everything around you, without sacrificing your audio quality. You could also use this speaker for business or personal calls too, and not sacrifice outside noise – say if you are working on other things, or looking after small children. 

Overall this speaker is a fantastic example of a wearable speaker, and is $68 (£52), so is extremely well-priced for such a high-quality product, and is a great addition for someone who wants either a new experience, or surrounding audio on the go. Buy it here.

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