Popglory Smartwatch

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The Popglory Smartwatch is the latest trending technology in the market. With a ton of internet tools at your hands, you can instantly reply messages, check weather, play music or check your bank account balance on this Popglory Smartwatch. This wearable fashion tech provides you with sleek and stylish look with it’s super long battery life of up to 6 months. You can customize the Popglory watch face to match your style and feel. This Smartwatch comes with a wireless charging dock that makes your life easier and more convenient. The Popglory watch is compatible with both IOS and Android, easy to install and use.

Popglory Smartwatch Introduction

The Popglory Smartwatch is a combination of excellent design, precise technology, wearable fashion tech, powerful functions. It’s such a wonderful gadget which is almost the same as your cellphone. You can easily take pictures or record videos without any hesitation on the go. This Smartwatch is designed with durable stainless steel case and strap, high quality leather material to ensure a comfortable wearing feeling. It can shock resistance and waterproof. With the Popglorry Smartwatch, you can check the latest trend information of any date, pay your phone bill and use siren directly on your wrist.


  • Features: CPU MTK2502C cell phone chip with low power consumption and high performance. 0.96 inch capacitive touch screen display provides a more direct visual experience and sensitive touch control system. Battery life lasts for up to 6 months after a full charge.
  • Silicone watch strap adopted by premium PU leather material, comfortable to wear.
  • Fully functional Cell Phone: support call, message, GPS, camera and so on.
  • Sleep Monitor: Help you know whether you sleep well or not, wake you up at the lightest sleep stage.
  • Pedometer / Sleep Monitor / Heart Rate Monitor / Anti-lost: Record the distance and calories of daily walking and running; monitor your sleep quality during the deep sleep state; timely reminding to answer calls or text messages that violate anti-lost functions.
  • Various Watch Faces: User can choose the dial of their own preference to replace the original dial.
  • Other Functions: Alarm Clock, Recorder, Calorie Burn Calculator, Sedentary Reminder, Remote Camera and so on.

How does the Popglory Smartwatch work?

The Popglory smart watch allows you to do a lot of things including checking the weather forecast, playing music or making calls via Bluetooth. It supports wireless charging and it’s easy to change straps for different occasions. It’s equipped with a stainless steel case and a leather strap. this watch is compatible with both Android and IOS devices. When paired, you can control your music from the watch or call someone in your contacts via Siri. The Smartwatch features a 0.96 inch circular display, 4GB of storage capacity, Bluetooth, and an anti-lost function.

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