Tech Life Boomband Review

Tech Life Boomband Review

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The Tech Life Boomband is a fantastic solution to transporting speakers on the go. Essentially, the design of this product is simple; it is a speaker that is attached to the wrist. However, the Tech Life Boomband has a variety of other features which make it versatile, and adaptable to a variety of situations and functions. This piece of tech can be used for a variety of activities, which combined with the reasonable price, makes it a no-brainer of an investment.

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The Tech Life Boomband comes in two colours, jet black or a sleek silver, and has a grilled cover to the speaker itself. The rubber strap is comfy and supportive, and has enough size settings to support any wrist– from children to adults. The understated design means that it will fit into any outfit or style, black and silver will match any wearer, and make this a unisex product for all ages. You can buy it here.

The battery life is extremely durable, and has a playtime from full charge of up to 10 hours. This speaker has been designed for the active listener in mind, and for those who want to play audio for long periods of time – you can use this speaker from sun-up to sundown. Charging is via a mini-USB, so you can charge it easily anywhere if need be.

It can also be easily connected to a number of devices, such as the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, any number of Apple products (iPhone, iMac, iPad), Samsung, HTC and LG devices. The majority of up-to-date Bluetooth products will be able to connect to this device, and play audio from up to 200 ft away.

Sound quality is another excellent feature of this speaker. Tech Life’s signature audio processors are built into this device, meaning that this Tech Life Boomband can achieve sounds twice as loud as the average smartphone. For such a small package, this speaker can deliver impressive volume which can be heard from up to 120 ft away. Tech Life has not compromised on sound quality, and has instead made a speaker that is light enough to be attached to the wrist, so you can be assured of an optimal sound experience.

It can also be used for calls. Once connected to a phone, if you start receiving the call, simply press a button on the side of the device, and your call will be connected. What’s best about this, is that the Tech Life Boomband can pick up your voice clearly from a normal resting position, there is no need to bring the Boomband up to your mouth.

The real selling point for this speaker is the durability and versatility of it. You can use this speaker anywhere, and for a variety of reasons. It is certified IPX6 waterproof, so this speaker can be taken anywhere – like the beach or on a boat – there is no worry about water damage. It has also been designed to be shockproof, so you can take this speaker running, mountain biking or rock climbing, even physically working; the activity doesn’t matter as you can be assured your speaker will be protected. Tech Life referred to their creation as “everythingproof”.

This is an ideal purchase for someone looking for a speaker that can be used at all times. This can be a social thing too, the Tech Life Boomband can even be used for a party (in the pool too) or even a road trip. And with the Bluetooth function, you can play anything you want; say the radio when you’re out dog walking. Design-wise it is sleek and understated enough to fit into any outfit – it’s loud enough to live up to any venue or event, and it’s reliable and durable enough to be taken on even the most treacherous adventures. For such a reasonable price, this is a speaker you can’t ignore, as there are standalone speakers which have less quality than this, without the portability and durability on top.

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