Samsung Door Lock Review

Samsung Door Lock Review

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In this Samsung Door Lock Review we look at the Samsung SHS-2929 EX Digital door lock, possible one of the best digital door locks along with the Yale Digital Lock.

The Samsung SHS-2920 EX Digital Door Lock 

More highly rated and with a better review than Amazon’s choice, this Samsung door lock is one of the best digital locks on the market. Interestingly enough, the success of this lock may be down to the fact that a tech company designed the lock, instead of a lock/security company. Often digital locks built by hardware companies will falter on the technology – here that evidently isn’t the case.

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The slim design of this lock is instantly visually appealing. It fits flat on the door, and looks like a built-in phone screen. There is also no handle, making the design even slimmer (16.5mm thick to be exact), and the blue backlighting will mean that it’s easy to use even in the dark. A touch screen means you can delicately enter the codes into the lock, there is no scanning or pushing buttons needed. This also means there is no difficulty in opening the door, and the buttons will not wear out or become stiff. 

Limitations – Primarily an Indoor Lock

The only limitation to this Samsung door lock is that it is meant for indoors. This lock is not suitable for outside in weathered conditions. It can be used for an outdoor lock, but only if there is sufficient shelter – this is a lock primarily designed to work inside. If you want an external door lock go for the Yale Digital Lock.

Features of this Samsung Door Lock

It comes with a range of features and functions that make it an exceptional choice. Firstly, the lock has an Away mode. This will ensure greater security on your lock, and mean that the lock will employ further measures, such as sounding an alarm if the door is opened from the inside. This will mean that if someone has broken into your house, they will be caught out by trying to exit via the front door.

Another feature is the Randomiser option. This means that before each time you enter the pin code, the lock will require you to enter two random numbers before your actual pin code. This means that fingerprints on the touchpad cannot be used to determine the pin code, nor can someone looking over your shoulder discern the code. This adds yet another level of security, and ensures that the code to your Samsung door lock is kept completely secret. 

The lock also has a Silent mode. This is fairly self-explanatory, but is important, as it will mean that if you are returning late, or perhaps using the lock for a baby’s bedroom, you can make sure that the sounds from the lock will not disturb anyone. It also means that you won’t disturb any other residents or house members – you even have the option to turn the sounds down instead of muting them.

Batteries and Power

Upon the draining of the batteries, the lock will sound an alert or melody of your choice prompting you to replace the batteries. And like most digital locks, this lock has a 9v backup power option, so you don’t need to worry about the battery going dead without you knowing about it.

Security is the main focus for this next feature. If the door is forced or kicked, it will sound an alarm, and if the code is entered incorrectly five times, it will also sound an alarm. However, in this case, you will have three minutes before you can enter the pin again. This is to deter intruders, but also to give you or a guest a chance if they are entering the code incorrectly.

One of the most unique and ingenious features of this lock is the Abnormal High Temperature warning. In the case of a fire, the door will detect the temperature and unlock itself, meaning that the lock is completely safe in a fire and would never trap anyone. It will even display a light on the inside, which will flicker in order to signify a safe emergency exit through the smoke. While a lock needs to provide security, this lock does an excellent job of providing safety too, showing that a lock needs to not only keep out intruders, but let users enter and exit with ease, and improve their quality of life. 


If you are looking for something more sturdy that can be used as an internal or external door lock then go for the SHS-1321 Samsung Digital Door Lock. This Samsung Digital Security Lock below has very similar features and is also an Amazon bestseller.

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This lock can be installed on 160/161 cylinder prep doors with minimal modification to the door. It;’s a sturdy lock that is tamper proof and fire tested.

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