Edifier R1700BT Speaker Review

Edifier R1700BT Speaker Review

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The Edifier R1700BT speaker is one of the finest all-round speakers out there today and this review will show you exactly why. It ticks all the boxes in terms of what you would want from a speaker, including affordability, we suggest you seriously consider this as an option if you are looking to purchase a speaker. 


When you are looking for a top speaker the first thing you look for is the quality of sound and the Edifier R1700BT delivers with aplomb in this area. This speaker takes the smooth approach and has been designed for listening to music for over a long space of time as it is easy to listen to. Many speakers out there don’t have this quality as they only specialise in blaring out loud music, but with the Edifier R1700BT you could go hours upon end listening to music. The dynamics are fluid and the tone never comes across as too sharp, giving your ears a satisfying beat to listen to. One criticism the Edifier has received over time is its handling of bass music because the basslines are too distinctive and cover up the speaker’s overall performance. All in all though, sound is not an issue with this particular speaker

Build and Aesthetics 

The Edifier has been designed with finesse and class, giving is a smart look that will suit the vibe of pretty much every room in your house. There is so much detail in the design of the speaker as well. For example, the speakers have been constructed with a 10-degree upwards slant, which has been designed to point straight at the listeners, making sure that the quality of sound is maximised. The rotary controls for volume, bass and treble have been nicely put to the side, so that the appearance of the speaker isn’t hindered. However, it is always annoying when the controls are right at the back of the speaker as it can be awkward to get over to it, so the Edifier has placed them to the side on the right, designed for right handed people. 

Value for Money and Price

The Edifier speaker will match or better the quality of any speaker out there on the market but will most likely come at a more affordable price. You can purchase it on Amazon for less than £100, which is a remarkable price considering what it offers. In terms of durability too, the Edifier will last for years and you are unlikely to experience any technical faults either. It comes to no surprise that the Edifier has been given five-star reviews across the board on Amazon by its users, which makes is a reliable option as well. Though it may not be perfect in every single department, it still is regarded as one of the best speakers available on Amazon today.


As you can tell by are review, we are pretty fond of it. It consists of an enthusiastic sound base that is warming and pleasing for the ears. The aesthetics of the speaker are of a great quality as there as so much precision and detail as been packed into it as you can see by the smooth design. The bass sound isn’t the greatest, however this isn’t a reason to not opt for it as you are unlikely to notice unless you are an excessive music enthusiast. Ultimately, we couldn’t recommend a speaker anymore than this one, so you should head off and consider buying it now!

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