BEBONCOOL Controllers – Joycons for Nintendo Switch Review

BEBONCOOL Controllers – Joycons for Nintendo Switch Review

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The Nintendo Switch is a massive hit but there has been one issue that has been plaguing owners of the popular console. The proprietary controllers, the Joycons, are prone to an issue called “joycon drift” where directions continue to register even after the sticks are returned to a neutral position. This can affect the sticks on either side.

Buying new Joycons is expensive and technical support from Nintendo’s side has been less than stellar despite acknowledging it as a widespread issue. Fortunately, there are replacement Joycons out there that don’t break the bank, have added features and, most importantly, don’t suffer from “joycon drift”.

We’ve tested the best on Amazon, the BEBONCOOL replacement Joycons and can confirm they’re a solid buy.

Build Quality & Design

A lot of third party Joycon replacements are often seen as “cheap knockoffs” due to their poor build quality and use of cheap plastics. The BEBONCOOL Joycons feel nothing like this. Their housing is made out of a solid plastic that has a premium feel to them despite being half the price of Nintendo’s official controllers.

The BEBONCOOLs go a step further with their design that feels more like a regular controller. The back of these Joycons is thicker which enables a more comfortable grip, especially if you have bigger hands. The sides are also wider for added comfort and a more solid grip. The overall design was great for longer sessions compared to the official, flatter Joycons. The downside is that you sacrifice some of the portability as these Joycons won’t fit into most Switch cases when attached.

Buttons & Sticks

Furthering the proper controller feel, the BEBONCOOL Joycons sport a much better set of analogue sticks compared to the Big N’s offerings. For one, the sticks are taller making them easier to move around, especially when playing games like FPSs. Moving them also has a bit more resistance which is great for precision movement and aiming.

The BEBOCOOL Joycons also have a proper D-pad when compared to Nintendo’s official Joycons. This is particularly great if you’re a fighting game player or play games that require your directional pad to be precise and enables complex motions commands.

The triggers are slightly bigger than the official Joycons, which is more of a reason to buy the BEBONCOOLs if you play a lot of first-person shooters. They click excellently and have a premium feel to them thanks to a bit more added resistance.


Unofficial Joycons generally try to keep their prices low by not including a lot of the bells and whistles Nintendo has in its official controllers. This isn’t the case with the BEBONCOOL Joycons which manage to keep their price competitive without sacrificing these features. In a nutshell, the BEBONCOOL Joycons can be used in exactly the same way as official ones, minus the amiibo connectivity. Motion controls, gyro accelerators, HD rumble and wireless detached play are all available in BEBONCOOL’s offering.


After spending a week of long gaming sessions with the BEBONCOOL Joycons, we can confidently say that these are an incredible bargain for the asking price. Connecting them wirelessly to your console is as simple as using official Joycons. Battery life also appears to be right around the same. The buttons have yet to show any signs of giving in while the sticks are still just as firm and precise as right out of the box. The only downside in terms of performance seems to be with the D-pad, which essentially feels like a shell that covers 4 buttons. It’s not a dealbreaker by any stretch but if you’re a fighting game fan that cares about their competitive edge, you might want to stick to a Pro Controller.

Overall, the BEBONCOOL Joycons are a solid buy and a worthy replacement to the official Nintendo Switch Joycons. If you’re suffering from “joycon drift” or are looking for a Joycon-like experience with added precision and comfort without the huge price tag, than the BEBONCOOL Joycons are for you.

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