Nubwo PS4 Headset Review

Nubwo PS4 Headset Review

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Selecting the right headset for you can sometimes be a difficult task, especially if you don’t know what makes a good one. In this article we will be reviewing the popular Nubwo PS4 headset and analyse whether it is worth it or not. We will consider comfortability, value for money, sound quality and the microphone. Enjoy this Nubwo PS4 Headset Review and I hope that you find it helpful.

Introducing the Nubwo PS4 Headset

Primarily, the Nubwo headset specialises in gaming, particularly on PS4, but is a very solid option for pretty much any type of gamer. It has been designed for practicality for online games as the N2’s microphone enables players to communicate on a higher level. However, what makes the Nubwo headset as popular as it is today is its all-round adaptability as it ticks all of the boxes in terms of what you would want from a gaming headset. 

NUBWO PS4 Headset Xbox one Stereo Gaming Headphone with Noise Cancelling with in-line Control for PS4/Xbox 1/PC
  • Premium 50mm neodymium speaker immerse you in a gaming world so you can hear every detail— whether it is subtle footsteps or enemy gun load.
  • Friendly Comfort Ear cushions are wrapped in a breathable mesh fabric keep your ears cool and dry, making it good for long time gaming.
  • In-Line volume and mute controls let you adjust mute and volume buttons without disrupting your game
  • Unidirectional Noise Cancelling Mic reduces background noise for crystal-clear voice communication
  • NUBWO N16 is compatible with PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, MAC and mobile devices. Please note the old version Xbox One controllers require the Adapter (sold separately)

Unique Design

One thing to love about the Nubwo headset is its unique design that is aesthetically pleasing. The suspension headband design alongside the two 50mm drivers is what makes the Nubwo stand out from the masses. It comes with a connection cable that stretches over 5 feet that is tangle resistant, which makes life a lot easier. Typically though, the Nubwo can run for up to around 8 hours in a single day without taking them off. This is far higher than the average, so you are most definitely getting a good deal here.


The microphone that is comes with may not be impeccable, however it is good enough for you not to buy a more expensive alternative as it still gets the job done well. It is of sufficient quality to do professional streaming on just game with friends, so the versatility of it is another big selling point that should be pointed out. 

Sound Quality

The quality of sound is important when it comes to gaming as not picking up on footsteps or mishearing the sound of a gun can be costly. Luckily, the Nubwo delivers superbly in this department as there are interior features that maximise the sound quality, giving you the best gaming experience possible. This headset has gone the extra mile to ensure that the audio is spot on and that you don’t miss a sound. On the top of the right ear you will find the rotary volume wheel that allows you to control sound more easily as well.

Comfort and Style

You can purchase the Nubwo in either black or silver however, both colours have maintained the stylish design throughout, and both versions come with the same perks. When it comes to comfort, it is important to stay away from headphones that are awkward to wear, however you won’t be disappointed by what the Nubwo has to offer. This headset ensures that there is an even distribution of heat and weight, making your gaming experience a very comfortable one. 

Nubwo PS4 Headset Review – Overall Verdict

Ultimately, the Nubwo is an all-round great headset that doesn’t have any distinctive negatives to point out. One thing we could say is that the Nubwo is more suitable for older players because the suspension design is quite loose fitting, making it hard for younger players to wear the headset as it is meant to be worn. Additionally, the fragility of the headset should be mentioned as well as if you’re a gamer that plays aggressively, then it may not be the one for you. 

All in all, the Nubwo is good enough to accommodate all gamers of contrasting levels, particularly for those of you that are on a tighter budget and don’t want to splash the cash too excessively. Its safe to say that you won’t be let down by what the Nubwo has to offer and it has the ability to your number one headset for a number of years. 

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